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Landscape maintenance specialists

We serve the Tri-Cities region and beyond. So relax and enjoy your garden while we take care of the maintenance.

We put green first!

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We work with all kinds of clients. Some are too busy, too ill, too old or too inexperienced. They all get great service. We also handle on-demand services and special projects. Is your garden looking awful just before your in-laws visit? Fear not, just call Red Seal Vas. Are you receiving letters from your municipality about a hedge encroaching onto the sidewalk? Fear not, call Red Seal Vas.

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Finesse bedwork gives your garden a sharp, clean look. Regular bed maintenance is critical. Letting weeds flower and produce thousands of seeds is the biggest mistake we see. 

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Lawn care

Healthy lawns look awesome and require regular watering, fertilizing, and cutting at the proper height.  Spring aeration is a must.

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Tree care

Trees add value to your property so it's important to keep them healthy and well maintained. That's why Red Seal Vas is an ISA certified arborist. We work with trees up to 15 feet. 

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My name is Vas Sladek, B.Sc. CLHT, RSE

Garden spaces should be clean, healthy, inspiring and beautiful and Green First! Landscaping is here to help. To learn more about Red Seal Vas click the button below. 

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